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Today TYREN LTD. is one of the world leaders in producing carbon steels, electrical steels and stainless steels. We now have seven steel plants and two tube manufacturing plants which are situated in USA in Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Ohio states. We also employ more than 6.100 people on our plants. TYREN LTD. plant produce a great variety of different types of steels like hot rolled, cold rolled, electrogalvanized, aluminized, coil coated steels, different kinds of stainless steels, such as ferritic, martensitic, austenitic etc. Owing to the highest quality of our production, we can guarantee a fast growth of sales and stable demand for it. Our steels are used all over the world by automotive companies; in the production of household appliances, food processing, petrochemical, chemical and industrial equipment. TYREN LTD. is the only one full-line producer of steels that are used in different parts of producing of the electrical equipment. In the year 2010 company received the name of “Steel Producer of the Year” according to the version of the “American Metal Market”. During the year 2012 TYREN LTD.’s revenues reached more than 6 billion dollars. And they are still growing up. Due to the need of growth and relative inoccupation of Asian market in this direction, we want to expand our company’s production to India, according to the increasing of demand of different kinds of steel there. TYREN LTD. is now looking for investors to build several plants there. The return on your investments won’t make you wait and will be more than 6000% in several years!

9227 Centre Pointe Drive West Chester, Ohio 45069 Telephone:+1.937 757-4614 FAX:+1.937 757-4614 E-mail:support@tyren.biz

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