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Rent Asia Inc LTD successfully works since January, 2012. The main activity is subleasing of residential and commercial real estate.

Being based in Tokyo the Company rents thousands of square meters of real estate in the countries with the developing and already developed tourist direction. Further, leases area to smaller companies. Offices for sublease are in demand mainly for small companies which are just entering the market and need some time to develop their business. These companies find it unprofitable to lease a large office for prospective development, make some kind of repairing and fully equip it. In this case our company Rent Asia Inc helps them to rent a small area with already equipped facilities, often in the most cost-effective and promising regions of the country. The Company works in such countries as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Philippines, Vietnam and Japan. Income from sublease of commercial areas can reach up to 100% per month.

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