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Up to 2% daily for 299 days, Up to 2% + 0.1% daily for 239 days, Up to 2% + 0.2% daily for 179 days, Up to 2% daily + 0.25% daily for 120 days



  • Online: 252 days
  • Registration: 10278342
  • License: CustomScripts
  • Payment: Manual
  • Gateways:
  • Min: $100
  • Referral: 5% - 2% - 1% - 0.01%


Our Investment:

  • Monitored: 101 days
  • Invested: $100
  • ROI: 40.24%
  • Last Payout: 6 days ago
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Bit Connect Information:

​​BitConnect is an open-source platform for bitcoin and other crypto currency users to earn, learn, buy and sell bitcoins to other trusted community members directly. Bitconnect was not formed to be a company nor financial institution but to function as a collective. In addition to the services mentioned above, bitconnect brings the latest bitcoin news and information on crypto currencies like bitcoin, and its technology. We also cover top breaking headlines on bitcoin companies, technologies, prices and trends in the bitcoin and digital currency world.

How does Bitconnect System work? BitConnect has multiple features that should satisfy any member of the growing Bitcoin community. It seems a little challenging for new members of bitconnect community to understand the features and working functionality of BitConnect. That’s why we’ve created learning area for those who are new to Bitconnect Community and to find out more about features of BitConnect platform. BitConnect system is divided into four major modules. They work independently of one another but do contain a linked integrated FEEDBACK QUALIFICATION system used to enforce quality and reputation parameters on the system. Each Bitconnect member receives a feedback for each completed transaction for each given module.


Company Number :10278342.

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We pay back 80% commission earned from you. To received commission back, please register and deposit follow our referral Bit Connect link, then request paid referral commission back in form below with truth information.

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